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Join us for this powerful event as we are the ONLY tour stop in Pennsylvania on the Sonic Soul Mission Tour! Experience a 2 hour event where you allow yourself to be immersed in frequencies designed to heal.  We have TWO dates to accommodate your schedule:

Thursday, April 11th 7pm-9pm

Saturday, April 13th 10am-12pm

Sonic Meditation is a unique and powerful meditation experience that combines Frequency Minded Music with a guided meditation session. Frequency Minded Music, coined by Ian Morris from Listening to Smile, is an innovative approach to sound healing that delivers powerful healing and promotes deep relaxation. This expertly-curated music style features a range of sacred sounds, frequency pure tones and powerful, enhanced binaural beats to create a profound sensory experience as the music moves through you in the form of vibration. Combined with our specially-designed meditation, the Frequency Minded Music experience becomes a visceral and Shamanic-like journey as it targets the energy centers within your body.Feel the benefits.

Frequency-minded music is a simple and enjoyable path to a healthier lifestyle. Listening just 20 minutes a day helps support the following:

  • Focus & Memory
  • Creativity
  • Clearing Energetic Blocks
  • Calm Anxieties
  • Improve Sleep

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