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Learn which essential oils are good to use if you or your children have colds or the flu and why these oils are used.  You will learn several ways you can help reduce your symptoms such as how to make an inhaler, bath salts, diffuser blends, a chest and neck rub, a hand sanitizer and how to do a steam (for adults and children 12 and older).  You will receive a folder with recipes for both adults and children (ages 5-12), including substitutions for oils you may not have,  We will do a study on eucalyptus essential oils and their benefits,  We will be making two inhalers, one for daytime, one for nighttime.  We will also make a bath salts blend and a chest and neck rub, all of which you will take home, as well as a 5ml bottle of eucalyptus globulus.  

Time: 10-3:30

Fee: $65

Deadline to register is September 28th

Maximum Participants:  TBD

Register HERE.

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